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Akshar validation established by Chirag Brahmbhatt in 2021, with the vision to Prompt cleanroom validation service that are accomplished by are high proficient technical staff & meadow various industries Like Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Healthcare, Env, monitoring. We carry out onsite Institutes Research & Education Cleanroom Validation & certification in accordance with relevant standards -SO 14644 post 1, EU GMP TEE GMP, IS 209E, WHO 2002, USTRA MARA, Dung & cosmetic Act of India 2005.

Akshar Validation is a pioneer in the field of third-party Cleanroom Validation Services. We are Providing independent Cleanroom Validation & Cleanroom with Sophisticated Instrument Akshar is one stop solution for all Cleanroom Testing & Controlled Environment Monitoring requirements.

We are holdings and I professional accountable to the highest our selves Standards. We are demanding & Practicing business with honesty & ethics at professional & individual levels.

Chirag Brahmbhatt
CEO & Founder

Continual improvement of skills to develop cost-effective methods in implementing HVAC projects is the primary objective of Projects. To achieve total customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding customer requirements by executing the project within the contracted tie and cost while continually improving our processes, technologies and people. We wish to carve a niche in heart of customers, employees and associates by improving efficiency,
human relations and mutual trust. We believe that Engineering is for
the Wealth & Welfare of Nation.

Akshar Validation believes that to envisage a path of growth for the common good of people at large, the engineering companies should be built on the firm foundation of core technical knowledge, continual improvement of personnel efficiencies and optimal usage of all resources for the development of basic engineers of the country. The Engineering companies should help the country to pave a path of development with commitment of the Entrepreneurs to build a stronger nation by continually improving their skills utilizing the ever-growing knowledge of Engineering.

The aim of the company to provide energy-efficient design solutions, equipment & prompt service relating to operations, maintenance at affordable cost & fulfils customer needs & expectations. We are promised to provide complete solutions in sales, cost-effective services & Validations.

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